Sustainability & Value Creation

Integrating Sustainable Growth And Financial Performance

  • $25 Million in energy savings over 17 years
  • 51% Energy Consumption Savings - Cumulative Energy Savings Since 2000
  • 72% of USAA Real Estate office portfolio is LEED-Certified

USAA is driving the business case for sustainable, energy efficient operations by saving more than spending to execute the strategy. A win-win approach that improves efficiency and reduces environmental impact by keeping a sharp focus on tenants (comfort/satisfaction/retention) while improving financial performance - maximizing ownership value.

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Sustainability Policy

Energy Management and Sustainability Policy

USAA Real Estate has a reputation for excellence in customer service and taking a leadership role in the real estate industry. As part of our commitment to excellence, we will identify and implement improved financial and operation efficiencies, particularly in how we purchase and use energy, striving toward world-class status in energy management and sustainability.

Commitment to Energy & Sustainability Management

Energy Management and Sustainability will continually play a role in achieving our strategic objectives. Specifically, the USAA Real Estate Energy Management and Sustainability Strategy is to:

  • Support the organization’s strategic plan to maximize ownership value and provide customers and partners with the highest quality of service, including reducing operating costs, increasing comfort and increasing competitiveness.
  • Support our commitment to our employees, partners, environment and community in which we conduct business through active efforts to reduce energy use and adapt more sustainable operations.
  • Maintain world-class status by striving to maximize opportunities for sustained energy efficiency and take a continuous process improvement towards overall sustainability.

Management Objectives

  • Achieve targeted improvements at existing owned and managed properties which include:
    • Continuous process improvement approach towards improved satisfaction to support at or above market tenant satisfaction and occupancy
    • An overall reduction of 5% in energy consumption
    • A total annual savings of 5% in energy costs
    • An increase in portfolio and per property Energy Star Rating
    • Participation in Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark with a goal of continual improvement
  • Identify and implement highly attractive capital investments that provide superior financial returns, where ever possible and financially feasible.
  • Awareness programs designed to educate partners, investors, employees and associates about opportunities to save money and protect the environment through improved energy efficiency and our high performance sustainability strategy.
  • Create and continually foster a business environment that will support sustainable efforts and best management practices in energy efficiency.

A strong partnership between USAA Real Estate and GSA/FBI provided an opportunity for USAA Real Estate to develop a cost-effective approach to high-performance sustainable strategies, which are replicated throughout much of its portfolio.

2016 USAA Real Estate Sustainability Report

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