USAA Real Estate utilizes research to be used to provide a deeper understanding of the real estate markets, enhance investment performance and help provide superior client service.

A cornerstone of USAA Real Estate is a rigorous, relevant, and disciplined research process that is integrated into virtually every aspect of the investment process and our firm. Our dedicated global research team works closely with the portfolio management, acquisitions, asset management, and client services teams to enhance investment performance and support the needs of our clients.

Our research team carefully tracks and forecasts the global real estate space and capital markets and uses the best data, market intelligence, technology and professional judgment to:

  • Guide investment strategies
  • Target market and property-level investment opportunities
  • Underwrite specific markets, submarkets, and assets for acquisition, hold or sell, renovation and disposition decisions and
  • Research special topics

Our research publications are focused on providing thought leadership on current trends that are important to our clients, including white papers, newsletters, and market updates covering local market conditions, investment strategies, economic trends and other topics of interest.

The research team is led by Will McIntosh, who brings over 30 years of real estate research experience to the process.