Investment Management

Combined platform. Integrated expertise.

Our team maintains a balanced concentration on risk management and value creation throughout the entire investment lifecycle. Our service-oriented culture drives us to keep our investors abreast of how hard their capital is working under our stewardship.


We are an investor first

A significant co-investor in all programs, our deeply embedded culture of service, alignment and transparency informs our relationships with over 100 like-minded foreign and domestic investment partners. We approach each opportunity from the perspective of an investor, which drives our discipline with respect to real estate fundamentals, underwriting and research. As such, our mission is centered on performance instead of growing assets under management or generating fees.

Diverse expertise

Benefits of a combined platform

The depth and breadth of our combined USAA Real Estate – Square Mile Capital investment team provide investors access to the wide range of product expertise, market knowledge and research resources that are leveraged within the platform. Our partners benefit from the timely and well-informed execution of strategies across the capital stack and risk spectrum, as well as our diligent focus on value creation as we acquire, develop, finance and manage our diversified portfolio.

Placing capital

Selective investing

Every prospective investment and related submarket is studied exhaustively to analyze the fundamentals that reliably inform us about asset quality, market leasing and investment sales dynamics. This commitment to research and due diligence, coupled with discipline concerning replacement cost and exit strategy, frames our investor-minded approach to any opportunity.

Relationship Driven

Service is the cornerstone of our culture

Collaboration, accountability and transparency are at the core of our investor relationships. Because of our ongoing commitments of capital and resources toward automated reporting and portfolio analytics, our team is able to concentrate on delivering results, while still being responsive to our partners’ needs.

Asset management

Value creation and risk management

Our talented team of asset managers are the front line for creating value and managing risk at the property level. Our team knows that the best way to manage an asset’s performance is to keep it well leased and maintained. Many of our strategies rely on value creation through renovation, redevelopment and substantial leasing. When an asset’s strategy has run its course, whether it be a long-term hold or a more tactical investment, the Asset Management team encourages and assists in selling the asset to realize returns for our investors.


Research as a resource

Our research team carefully tracks and forecasts the global real estate space and capital markets and uses the best data, market intelligence, technology and professional judgment to guide investment strategies. Serving as a resource to our entire organization, the team provides real-time market insights that enhance investment performance and support the needs of our partners. Publications are focused on providing thought leadership on current trends that are important to our partners.

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