USAA Real Estate – Sustainability Video Transcript

At USAA Real Estate Company our culture of service drives a commitment to improve the
performance of every asset in our investment portfolio.

For us, part of Sustainability is doing the right thing. Simply because it’s the right thing to do.
Additionally, sustainability allows to execute a business case for our strategy.

[Logos appear across the bottom: Energy Star, U.S. Green Building Council LEED, National Green
Building Program, Green Lease Leader and GRESB]

What is the business case for sustainability? It’s saving more than we spend while executing our
overall investment strategy.

[Drawing of a graph that explains the more efficient we are the more profits that are gained.]

Using Energy Star guidelines, we include energy, waste and water efficiency, as a way to drive
better financial and environmental outcomes.

And we continually seek new best practices that reduce operating costs and enhance the
tenant experience.

[A flowchart of our business process: First we Make a commitment, Assess Performance and
Set Goals. Then we begin an interactive cycle of the following steps: 1. Create an Action Plan, 2.
Implement Action Plan, 3. Evaluate Progress, & 4. Recognize Achievements. Lastly, we Re-assess
the entire cycle leading back to adjusting our goals or setting new ones.]

Over the last 15 years, our energy management program has achieved some outstanding
results. [ …such as $23 million Aggregate Energy Savings, 77% Improved Energy Efficiency, & an
Average Portfolio Energy Star Performance Rating of 85 verses 48 for other companies]

Built on our long-term partnership with Energy Star, we are committed to reducing risk and
enhancing returns by every means possible.

We know what it takes to save money and energy in a win-win strategy. It’s good for our
investors, good for our tenants, and good for our planet.